Who organised the Wellness Expo?

The Wellness Expo is a joint collaboration between West Moonah Community House and Rotary Tasmania.

The 8th annual Wellness Expo will be held at Princes Wharf 1 
from 10am – 3pm on Saturday 27th February 2021.

How long has the expo been ongoing?

The expo is a large scale annual event and is now in its 7th year. It first began in 2013 and has been an exceptionally successful expo allowing us to continue our support of Health information to the community.

What is the purpose of the expo?

The Wellness Expo is a project hosted by the West Moonah Community House and Rotary Tasmania to consolidate the health and wellness services and products available around Tasmania in one place so the general public can see what is available both free and at a cost. The Expo also supports and creates awareness relating to health and wellness within the community.

The aims of the expo are as follows:

  • To promote services and facilities related to health and wellness in Tasmania
  • To create awareness of the importance of physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.
  • To educate, facilitate and support the community in choosing the best health and wellness services for their needs
  • To provide an opportunity for networking and relationship building within the community